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Step 1 completed. Let’s proceed with Step 2.

Step 2: Edit your Maker page

Verification Process

It takes us up to 24 hours to complete the verification process.

Read the DETAILS

Manage your Maker page

Once the verification process is completed, go to Profile > My Maker Page.


Mange your User account

To manage your User preferences, go to Profile > My Account.



Verification Process: when you claim a pre-existing Maker page, the verification process can take up to 24 hours. This is necessary to proceed with a proper verification of the ownership of the business. You will receive a confirmation via email at the end of the process.


  1. You can either create or edit a Maker page by visiting Profile > My Maker Page.
  2. Go to Items and start editing:
    • 📝 Name: make it short, 1-2 words max. It’s the name/title of your page and you want people to remember it.
    • 📝 Description: make sure to include an extensive descriptions of your products/services.
    • 🖼️ Images: as we’re in Beta, we’ve limited the space available for media to just 1MB. You can upload 6 photos, resized to 1024 pixels with tools like Squoosh.
    • 🗺️ Categories: select max 2 product categories. Add/edit address, working hours, etc.

Check the Video and the FAQ below to learn more.




What should I write in my own Maker page?

We have created a dummy page to give you a reference when writing your own Maker page and the description of your services. Please visit this link to get some inspiration.

Here are some basic rules:

  • Name (aka Maker page title): it should be short and easy to remember.
  • Subtitle: it should provide just a couple of keywords of the services you cover.
  • Item categories: select max 2 that represent at best your expertise.
  • Item locations: select in which region you are based.
  • Main description: it should be long and detailed. It should cover your story, the services you provide, the product categories, and a call-to-action for potential new customers.
  • Images: we’ve limited the space available for media to just 1MB. You can upload 6 photos, resized to 1024 pixels and compressed with tools like Squoosh.
  • Featured image: select 1 image that will become the cover image of your Maker profile.
I’m really not good at writing my Maker page, can you help me?

Absolutely. We can create a Maker page for you and input all the content. You will be able to claim full control over your Maker page as soon as we publish it. Visit the +Add Maker section and request a “Concierge Service“.

How shoud I use my new Maker page?

If you’re a Reddit user, you could add a link to your Maker page directly into your Reddit profile. In Reddit, tap your avatar in the top-left corner of the screen, tap “My profile” and “Add social link”.

Generally speaking, you can add a link to your Maker page in any of your social media or public profiles. You can even use your Maker page as a landing page for other materials.

How do I get more help?

If you need help, feel free to reach us out through our Contact section.