5 Product Ideas You Can Manufacture & Sell Easily Thanks To 3D Printing

Many of us have a product idea in mind that we haven’t turned into reality yet. We don’t know where to start, and even more importantly, we don’t know where to find the right partner to manufacture it.

Thanks to digital manufacturing solutions like 3D printing and CNC machining, seeking international manufacturers is no longer necessary. Instead, you can partner with a Maker or an Artisan near your city to move your idea from concept to product, which you can sell.

Problem: international manufacturing is complicated.

– Big MOQ
– Timezone & communication gaps
– Costly shipping, risk of delay

Solution: manufacturing with the help of local Makers is easy.

– Make as little as 1 item
– Same time zone and language
– National shipping

If you want to turn your product idea into reality, don’t give up and keep reading. We will provide you with five examples of product ideas that can inspire your next project.

You will realize that manufacturing your product idea is easier than you think, so let’s get started.

5 Product Ideas to Inspire You:

1. Magnetic Keys Hook

In this concept developed by u/SPACE-DRAGON772, all you need is a clever design that is compatible with your wall at home, round magnets and double sided tape. It’s that simple.

3D Printed Magnetic Keys Hook - Product Idea 1 of 5

2. Two-Fingers Chopsticks

At the intersection of the Venn diagram where people who love gaming and people who love potato chips meet, there’s this clever idea to pick chips without making your fingers dirty/oily. However, before proceeding you must ensure that the materials you pick are safe for food.

3D Printed Two-Fingers Chopsticks - Product Idea 2 of 5

3. Google Nest Mini Stand

Are you an owner of a Nest Mini? You might need a stand like the one by StealySteeff to make it look cooler and to position it at an angle that can better capture sounds in the room. Unleash your creativity!

3D Printed Google Nest Mini Stand - Product Idea 3 of 5

4. Pocketable Slide Case

This 3D printed pocketable slide case by u/andyroo770 can be used in a variety of situations. It could be useful both when traveling as well as in the drawer of your office to organize small items inside. The possibilities are endless.

3D Printed Pocketable Slide Case - Product Idea 4 of 5

5. Waist Bag

This concept published by user u/St_Drunks seems to take inspiration from Issey Miyake handbags. An ergonomic backpack design based on a unique flexible tessellated material. Produced via an additive process, the structure expands or shrinks flat based on the volume of its contents.

3D Printed Waist Bag

Next Step:
Find a Maker Near You to Manufacture Your Product

Our goal with Neutrone is to help skilled Makers and Artisans gain exposure and connect with creative Customers like you. Together, the two of you can turn an idea into an actual product that you can sell.

Take action now and discover local Makers and Artisans who can manufacture the product you need. Simply use the search engine below (or on the homepage) to get started.

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That’s it for our 5 Product Ideas today! πŸ˜‰ Visit our Ideas section to get inspired. Lastly, if you want to learn more about digital manufacturing, you can visit Wikipedia.