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It’s free, could it be any better?

Neutrone is a free platform that matches the production capabilities of local Makers and Digital Artisans with the needs of Customers who are looking for small-scale productions that are highly personalized and creative.

It provides a space where Makers can create profiles and showcase their services, such as the products they make, the regions they serve, the materials they use, and their methods of production. This allows potential Customers to find them and start a conversation.

List of Features for Makers Looking for Customers:

Maker Page

Makers can increase their online visibility by creating a “Maker Page”, a free space where they can highlight their services and expertise. Customers will be able to discover them both through Google and the search engine in our homepage.

Services List

Makers can provide an extensive set of details about their services, including products and categories served, manufacturing methods, materials used, minimum order quantity, lead time, location, regions served, and much more.

SEO Optimized

Our platform is built with SEO readiness in mind. This means that the content published by Makers in their Pages will be discoverable by Google and other search engines.

Open and Happy Control

We believe that Makers and Artisans should be at the forefront, and that’s why we’ve created a free space where they can have complete visibility and control over their content.


Makers and Customers can find each other and start a collaboration based on their location. Both parts can build closer relationships and work together more effectively.

User Reviews

We’ve included a user reviews system for Customers, to let other users know about their experience. Their feedback is valuable: it helps other people to take the right decision.

Email Messaging

Customers can reach out to makers via email directly from a maker’s page. They can fill out the form with their request, and the Maker will respond soon.

Direct Messaging (DM)

Makers and Customers can easily communicate through a built-in communication system that includes on-site messaging and email notifications.

Badge Sharing

Coming soon! 😉

Reply to Bounties

Coming soon! 😉

And the best feature of all? It’s 100% Free!

The platform is completely free for both Makers to list their services and for Customers to connect.

Why are we doing this? Read our Manifesto.