And the reason we’re doing this

We want to empower Makers, Artisans, and SMEs. Because small is closer than. It’s faster than. It’s friendlier than. It’s better than.

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Investors and analysts fight day after day over Fortune 500 companies and Unicorns. The so-called “whales”, those obsessed with “growth” at all costs, those that need to please investors every single quarter.

We prefer to focus on the “Future 5,000,000” companies. The small and medium-sized businesses of the world, the enthusiasts, and the maker spaces. Have 1 employee only? We’d be honored to have you on board. Because Small is is closer than. It’s faster than. It’s friendlier than. It’s better than.

Our Manifesto in 10 Points

Democratized Manufacturing

Thanks to the advancements in small-scale manufacturing technology and its widespread adoption among Makers and Digital Artisans, we can finally break down barriers and provide a platform where everyone can turn their product ideas into reality.

Local > Global

By connecting with local Makers and Artisans, customers can build closer relationships and work together more effectively. When you buy from local talent, you get a deeper understanding of their craft and can come up with even more creative solutions tailored to your needs.

Putting Makers in the Spotlight

Other platforms just want to make everything about their brand, but we think Makers and Artisans should be front and center. We’re here to help connect them with new opportunities and give them a space to speak for themselves.

Local = Sustainable

Why ship plastic bottles of water all around the world when we can drink our own water? With technology advancing, it’s becoming more sustainable to produce locally. We’re all for it.

Quality Over Quantity

We’re not into mass production and planned obsolescence. We want customers to receive products that are made with care and attention to detail. That’s what local craftsmanship is all about.

Small Batches, Big Dreams

Thanks to modern software and manufacturing tech, production can easily scale up and down without affecting costs. This means you can launch your product ideas small and grow as you go.

Know Your Business Partner

We believe in fair trade and connecting customers directly with the Makers and Artisans. By cutting out the middlemen, we make sure everyone is treated fairly and customers know exactly where their products come from.

A Unique Set of Skills

We love that every Maker and Artisan has their own unique set of skills and we’re dedicated to showcasing that diversity. By highlighting different cultures and styles, we’re fostering a sense of community and giving customers more options to choose from.

“Hi”, not AI

We want to create a community of Makers, Artisans, and customers who all share a love for locally made products, know each other and support each other’s growth. It’s always better when you’re surrounded by like-minded people, right?

Innovation in Every Form

Making new products can mean using new techniques, materials, or ideas. We’re using technology to make manufacturing more efficient, accessible, and sustainable, all while preserving the beauty of craftsmanship and collaboration.

It doesn’t end here!

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