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CNC cutting, milling, turning, fabrication

Are you looking for a workshop that can implement your ideas? Don’t look any further: you have found it! We have everything you need to produce prototypes and small series.

Why Us?

So, if we got it right, you are thinking of making a product but you would like some feedback and support along the process. You would like to create custom-made objects, develop components that are not found on the market, build spare parts that are difficult to find or perhaps fulfill the particular requests of a customer? We are here for this: prototyping facilitates communication because it allows you detailed feedback, essential for success on the market. And, between us, often the greatest innovations are born precisely by tinkering and experimenting.

Do you know what our big advantage is? That at NOI Maker Space we have all the necessary equipment available. Not only that: there is also a network of experts ready to make your idea come true. You tell us what you have in mind, then we will create a prototype, process or modify CAD data, take care of the individual production phases of your prototype, look for spare parts that are difficult to find, get us a customized tool to simplify your work. All this without limiting your freedom. Follow us while we work, take notes, put your hand to it personally, if you feel like it. To make it clear: this is and will always remain your idea, your project.

How much would it cost?

Your idea is priceless, however we will make you an offer anyway and you will decide if it is okay. Ask for a quote by messaging us. The offer includes:

  • a base rate for the activation of the service of € 30
  • the materials and the cost of production
  • the labor of an expert (if necessary): 50 € / h
  • extra services (if needed)


  • 3D scanner
    • Geomagic Capture
    • 3D scanner for objects up to 30cm with an accuracy of 0.1mm.
  • SLS 3D Printer: LISA Pro
    • Sinterit LISA Pro
    • Selective laser sintering system for powder-based 3D printing of robust and complex components in nylon or elastic TPU.
  • 3D Printer: BCN3D Epsilon
    • BCN3D Epsilon W50
    • Professional FDM 3D printer with a working area of ​​420 x 300 x 400 mm. […]
  • 3D Printer: Ultimaker S5
    • Ultimaker S5
    • Professional FDM 3D printer with two print heads and a working space of 330 x 240 x 300 mm. […]
  • 3D Printer: Form 2
    • Formlabs Form 2
    • Stereolithographic 3D printer for high resolution prints.
  • CNC Router
    • BZT PFU-S2 25015G
    • CNC milling machine for wood or plastic material with a useful working surface of 200x120cm.
  • 3D Systems zPrinter 650
    • Color gypsum 3D printer, particularly suitable for printing architectural models or other forms where support structures may be in the way.
  • Vacuum Press
    • Felder MVP 300
    • Heatable vacuum membrane press for gluing folded parts, laminates and similar.
  • Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer
    • Ultimaker 2+
    • FDM 3D printer with a working area of ​​220 x 220 x 205 mm, optimized for printing with PLA.
  • Arduino, Raspberry etc.
    • Arduino, Raspberry PI and sensors starter kits to develop “smart” products.
  • CNC milling machine for circuits
    • QBOT MiniMill
    • CNC table cutter with a working volume of 175x150x66mm, particularly suitable for milling electronic boards.
  • Large MIG / MAG welding machine
    • EWM WEGA MIG 330
    • MIG / MAG welding machine up to 330A.
  • TIG welding machine
    • Oberlikon CITOTIG 240 AC / DC
    • TIG welding machine for steel and aluminum.
  • Small MIG / MAG welding machine
    • SELCO Genesis 2000 SMC
    • Easy to use shielding gas welding machine for small welding jobs.
  • Table saw and milling machine
    • Felder KF 500 PRO
    • Combined milling machine with circular saw and bench milling machine with sliding table.
  • Miter saw
    • Festool KS 120 EB
    • Double-line laser miter saw for precise cutting of boards, strips and profiles.
  • Planer
    • Felder AD 531
    • Surface planer and thicknesser with 300 mm wide planing axis.
  • Extra-Long Caliper
    • Caliber 300mm
    • Horex 2211722
    • Long gauge with an accuracy of 0.01mm.
  • Vacuum chamber
    • VacuumChambers VC3028AG
    • Vacuum chamber with pump for degassing materials such as silicone, resin (polyurethane, polyester, epoxy resins), gypsum and other materials.
  • Ultrasonic washing
    • EMAG Emmi 20HC
    • Ultrasonic device for thorough cleaning of components, work tools and other small parts.
  • Stereo Microscope
    • Fisher Scientific Stemi 2000-C
    • Reflected light stereo microscope with magnification from 1.9 to 225x.
  • Advanced soldering station
    • Weller WXR3
    • Powerful soldering station with traditional, hot air and vacuum soldering iron for easy and precise soldering.
  • Oscilloscope
    • Tektronix TBS1104
    • 4-channel digital oscilloscope with a 100 MHz band.
  • Soldering station
    • Weller PU81 / WS81
    • Soldering station for easy and precise work.
  • Table multimeter
    • Tenma 72-8715
    • Desktop multimeter with many measurement and temperature measurement settings.
  • Laboratory power supply
    • Tenma 72-2540
    • 2 x power supply for laboratory configurations up to 5A / 30V, with overvoltage protection and current limiting
  • TENMA digital multimeter
    • Tenma 72-7730A
    • 2x digital multimeter with different temperature measurement and detection settings.
  • Simple multimeter
    • Voltcraft VC135
    • 2x digital mulitmeter without current measurement.
  • Hot air soldering station
    • Gordak 968D
    • Soldering station with hot air and traditional soldering tools.
  • Laser cutter
    • Trotec Speedy 400 80W CO2
    • 80W CO2 laser cutting machine with a working area of ​​100x61cm for engraving and cutting various materials up to 6mm thick.
  • Precision Scale 24kg / 0.1g
    • Kern 572-57
    • Precision scale up to 24 kg with an accuracy of 0.1 g.
  • Laser distance meter
    • Toolcraft LDM50
    • Laser distance measurer up to 50m, mainly used for indoor environments.
  • USB microscope
    • Celestron 44302-B
    • USB camera microscope with 2 megapixels and magnification up to 40x.
  • Precision Scale 3kg / 0.01g
    • Scale 3kg / 0.01g
  • Thermoforming machine
    • Formech 450 DT
    • Thermoforming machine for plastic sheets up to 450x300mm.
  • Bending Machine for plastics
    • Formech FLB 500
    • Manual folding machine for plastic sheets up to 500 mm wide.
  • UV Printer
    • Roland VersaUV LEF-12i
    • UV printer suitable for printing on almost any flat material and object.
  • A0 plotter
    • HP DesignJet 2100 Photo
    • Plotter for photos and posters in A0 format.
  • CNC embroidery machine
    • Janome Memory Craft 500E
    • Single thread CNC embroidery machine with software for creating embroidery patterns.
  • Sewing Machine
    • Janome Skyline S5
    • Electronic sewing machine with many stitches, decorative stitches and many sewing accessories.
  • Overlock overlock machine
    • JUKI MO-114D
    • Overlock machine for sewing and cutting fabrics at the same time.
  • Vinyl Cutter
    • Roland GX24
    • Cutting plotter for computerized cutting of adhesive films.
  • Thermal transfer press
    • Secabo TC5 Smart
    • Thermal transfer press for transferring vinyl films to fabrics.
  • Water sharpener
    • Felder NS250
    • Sharpening machine exclusively for sharpening knives and blades.
  • Drill Press
    • Optimum OPTI B17 PRO
    • Small pillar drill for simple work, 500W.
  • Styrofoam cutter
    • Proxxon Thermocut 230 / E
    • Polystyrene hot wire cutting machine, with angle adjustment.
  • Lathe
    • Knuth V-Turn 410/1000
    • Universal lathe with digital display and 1000mm wheelbase.
  • Horizontal Bending Press
    • Zopf T200
    • Semi-automatic horizontal bending machine for metals with a force of 200 kN.
  • Horizontal band saw
    • MEP Shark 282 SXI EVO
    • Semi-automatic horizontal band saw; cuts steel up to 22x22cm.
  • Angular bender
    • Knuth SBS1020
    • Manual revolving folder for sheets up to max. […]
  • Sandblaster
    • Unicraft SSK4
    • Large sandblaster for cleaning and grinding. […]
  • Hydraulic press
    • Metallkraft WPP 30 BK
    • Vertical hydraulic press with a force of 30t.
  • Ratchet tube benders
    • OMCN Atlas
    • Manual bender for pipes with a diameter between 3/8 and 1 inch and dies for 5 bending angles.

And much more!

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CNC cutting, milling, turning, fabrication


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